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New in EViews 10

EViews Interface

  • Automatic and user-controlled workfile history, snapshot and backup system.
  • Live statistics for spreadsheet views.
  • Support for long object names.
  • Enhanced logging abilities.

Data Handling

  • Improved integration with R.
  • Attribute importing and exporting.
  • Interface to World Bank data.
  • Interface to United Nations data.
  • Interface to Eurostat data.
  • Interface to European Central Bank data.
  • Saving to Tableau®.
  • Saving to JSON.

Graphs, Tables and Spools

  • Bubble plots.
  • Series updating in graphs.
  • New default graph styles.
  • Miscellaneous new graph options.
  • Table sorting.

Econometrics and Statistics


  • Season-trend decomposition (STL).
  • MoveReg weekly seasonal adjustment.
  • Special function computation.


  • Smooth threshold regression (STR).
  • Heteroskedasticity consistent robust stardard error options.
  • Clustered stardard errors.
  • VARs with linear restrictions.
  • Structural VAR restriction improvements.
  • VAR historical decomposition.
  • Improved nonlinear forecasting.
  • Additional autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) tools.

Testing and Diagnostics

  • VAR structural residuals.
  • Improved VAR serial correlation testing.
  • Model bounds checking.